Vietnam and Cambodia share a “flesh-and-blood kinship” | politics

Phnom Penh (VNA) – Vietnam and Cambodia, celebrating the 50th anniversary of their bilateral diplomatic ties this year, are working to promote relations of “good neighborliness, traditional friendship, comprehensive cooperation and long-term sustainability”. Vietnamese Ambassador to Cambodia, Nguyên Huy Tang. Photo: VNA “Vietnam-Cambodia relations are the flesh-and-blood relations between two neighboring countries,” Vietnamese ambassador to … Read more

Generational reunion of RVN Vallet grantees in France | company

PARIS (VNA) – As part of the 33rd edition of the “Rencontres de Blois”, the generations of scholarship holders of the Fonds de Rencontres du Vietnam – Vallet (RVN-Vallet) met on May 26 in the city of Blois. It is also about the generations of Vietnamese students at the National Institute of Applied Sciences Center … Read more

The beneficiaries of the RVN Vallet Scholarship Fund gathered in Blois | company

PARIS (VNA) – Vietnamese alumni of the National Institute of Applied Sciences Center Val de Loire (INSA Blois), the recipients of the Rencontres du Vietnam – Vallet (RVN-Vallet) grant, met in Blois on Thursday, May 26 , France as part of the conferences of the Rencontres de Blois. Professor Trân Thanh Vân during the Blois … Read more

Taxes, savings account A, student grants… What will change for your budget in May 2022

Increase in the Smic and Brochure A, tax return deadlines for certain taxpayers, final days to apply for student aid… Focus on the changes from May 2022. As every year, the month of May is marked by a number of changes that are likely to impact individuals’ budgets. Income tax return deadlines for many taxpayers … Read more