Vietnam and Cambodia share a “flesh-and-blood kinship” | politics

Phnom Penh (VNA) – Vietnam and Cambodia, celebrating the 50th anniversary of their bilateral diplomatic ties this year, are working to promote relations of “good neighborliness, traditional friendship, comprehensive cooperation and long-term sustainability”. Vietnamese Ambassador to Cambodia, Nguyên Huy Tang. Photo: VNA “Vietnam-Cambodia relations are the flesh-and-blood relations between two neighboring countries,” Vietnamese ambassador to … Read more

Generational reunion of RVN Vallet grantees in France | company

PARIS (VNA) – As part of the 33rd edition of the “Rencontres de Blois”, the generations of scholarship holders of the Fonds de Rencontres du Vietnam – Vallet (RVN-Vallet) met on May 26 in the city of Blois. It is also about the generations of Vietnamese students at the National Institute of Applied Sciences Center … Read more

The beneficiaries of the RVN Vallet Scholarship Fund gathered in Blois | company

PARIS (VNA) – Vietnamese alumni of the National Institute of Applied Sciences Center Val de Loire (INSA Blois), the recipients of the Rencontres du Vietnam – Vallet (RVN-Vallet) grant, met in Blois on Thursday, May 26 , France as part of the conferences of the Rencontres de Blois. Professor Trân Thanh Vân during the Blois … Read more