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PARIS (VNA) – As part of the 33rd edition of the “Rencontres de Blois”, the generations of scholarship holders of the Fonds de Rencontres du Vietnam – Vallet (RVN-Vallet) met on May 26 in the city of Blois. It is also about the generations of Vietnamese students at the National Institute of Applied Sciences Center Val de Loire (INSA de Blois).

Professor Tran Thanh Van and Vietnamese Ambassador to France Dinh Toan Thang meet with RVN Vallet Scholars. Photo:

Vietnamese Ambassador to France Dinh Toàn Thang, Ambassador – Main Representative of the Vietnamese Delegation to UNESCO Lê Thi Hông Vân, professors from INSA de Blois and Physics Professor Trân Thanh Vân and his wife, Professor Kim Ngoc attended the event.

Ambassador Dinh Toàn Thang spoke at the meeting and recognized the contribution of Professor Trân Thanh Vân and his wife to the establishment and management of the RVN Vallet Scholarship Fund. According to him, their activities provide opportunities for many poor but talented students in Vietnam to gain access to the Castle of Knowledge and Science so that they can contribute to the development of national and international science after school. The Ambassador also stressed the interest of the State of Vietnam in the development of science and technology, and expressed his gratitude and respect to Professor Trân Thanh Vân and his wife for their great contribution to the development of science and technology and education in the country.

For her part, Ambassador Lê Thi Hông Vân stressed the importance of this meeting, especially in the context of the UNESCO celebration of the Year of Basic Sciences 2022.

The two ambassadors expressed their desire to further develop the RVN Vallet Fund to provide more opportunities for gifted Vietnamese students and contribute to the country’s development, especially in the field of science and technology.

The students who benefited from the RVN Vallet scholarship presented the process of studying and working in France and all expressed their gratitude to Professor Trân Thanh Vân and Professor Odon Vallet and to the organization “Rencontres du Vietnam” who offered them the opportunities had offered studies in France. For her, the scholarship helped her to master her life abroad and thus to study better. Professors representing INSA Blois also appreciated the effectiveness of the cooperation program with Vietnamese partners in creating study abroad opportunities for talented students in challenging circumstances.

Nearly 40,000 scholarships valued at VND350 billion

In 1993, physics professor Tran Thanh Van and his wife Professor Kim Ngoc returned to their native country of Vietnam to organize the first edition of Vietnam Encounters (RVN), which attracted hundreds of famous physicists from around the world, including many Nobel Prize winners. A year later, the RVN scholarship fund was officially established on the initiative of this Viêt-kiêu professor couple, with the aim of promoting and inspiring young talents who are excellent students and students from Vietnam, especially children from families in difficult backgrounds. ethnic minorities or live in remote areas.

In 2000, at a moving ceremony awarding scholarships from the RVN Fund, Professor Odon Vallet, Doctor of Laws and Professor of History of Religions at the Sorbonne University (France), expressed his desire to contribute to this scholarship program created by his colleague Trân Thanh Vân. He wants to fulfill his father’s will to collect annual interest on his entire inheritance deposited in the bank in order to give scholarships to young people with good academic achievements in France, Benin and Vietnam. Treasured by the heart of Professor Odon Vallet, Professor Trân Thanh Vân decided to change the name of the fund to Vietnam Meeting – Vallet (RVN-Vallet).

Generation meeting of RVN Vallet scholarship holders in France anh anh 2Family photo during the INSA de Blois generational meeting of Vietnamese students as part of the RVN – Vallet scholarship program. Photo: CVN

Every year, on the occasion of the new school year, Professor Odon Vallet, the couple Professor Trân Thanh Vân and Kim Ngoc leave Paris for Vietnam and travel around the country together to personally present scholarships to young people. However, as of 2020, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, they are unable to award scholarships directly, but these activities are still maintained through RVN-Vallet’s representative offices in Vietnam.

For more than two decades, RVN-Vallet has been the largest and oldest non-governmental scholarship fund in Vietnam. To date, it has awarded nearly 40,000 scholarships to students and young researchers worth more than VND350 billion, with the number and value of scholarships increasing annually. In addition to excellent students from urban areas, RVN Vallet Scholarship has helped many talented Vietnamese students, students who are children from SOS villages, children from poor families in remote areas from north to south to go through the center. Of the RVN Vallet Scholarship recipients, approximately 400 students have won medals in international Olympic competitions in science subjects and have been admitted to study at prestigious universities around the world.

Since 2007, under the auspices of the RVN Vallet Fund, an educational cooperation program has been set up between the University of Huê and the National Institute of Applied Sciences of France (INSA Center Val de Loire and INSA Toulouse) to support excellent students in the field of applied sciences . Students selected for this program must complete the first 2 years of study at the University of Huê and the following 3 years at INSA (France). They receive an RVN Vallet scholarship during their 5-year degree. To date, this training program has enabled more than 350 talented young people in France in applied science fields such as information technology, artificial intelligence; Automation, electronics, telecom, geophysics and satellites…

The father of the RVN-Vallet Fund, Trân Thanh Vân, shared his wish and expressed his delight at the success of the grantees. He hopes that the latter, as talented researchers, will make a great contribution to the development of national and international science in the future. He also expressed his wish that the Vietnamese government will continue to support the activities of the RVN-Vallet Scholarship Fund to provide more learning and development opportunities for gifted students, especially disadvantaged children of all regions of Vietnam. – CVN/VNA

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