Fintech: Orange Money celebrates 10 years of existence in Burkina

The chairman of the board of directors of Orange Money Burkina Faso, Mamadou Coulibaly, and the representative of the general manager of Orange Money Burkina Faso, Laurent Birba, hosted a press conference on Thursday, September 8, 2022, at the premises of Orange Digital Center in Ouagadougou. They wanted this meeting to announce the colors of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Orange Money Burkina Faso.

Orange Money is an electronic money service that relies on the network of Orange Burkina Faso, the leader in mobile telephony in our country. Launched in 2012, Airtel Money, which became Orange Money after the takeover of the Burkina Faso subsidiary by the Orange Group, is celebrating its tenth candle this year 2022. During its first decade of existence, this service has not stopped innovating to the happiness of the people of Burkina Faso.

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To mark this celebration with a white stone, a series of activities are planned. These activities include a communication campaign on the new Orange Money Burkina Faso application and a major promotional activity for the ten years of Orange Money which will run until November 4, 2022. To participate in the game, customers must s register for free by dialing * 202 # or by texting their first name to 202.

They will be able to accumulate points by making deposits and withdrawals and try to win prizes. In addition to the promotion for customers, a package of activities is planned for a 10th anniversary celebration by all Orange Money targets. These will be celebratory actions with Orange Money distributors, partner companies and staff.

The launch of these activities took place this Thursday, September 8, 2022, during a press conference. The speakers, three in number, seized this platform to retrace the beginnings of their adventure with Orange Money.

“Between us, this adventure has been going on in Burkina Faso for ten years; and it’s amazing what we can do in ten years! exclaimed the representative of the general manager of Orange Money, Laurent Birba. Indeed, they were the first to launch Orange Money which makes the happiness of Burkinabè.

Today, Orange Money, according to Mr. Birba, has revolutionized money transfer services in Burkina Faso. Thus, in one click, Burkinabè can make their loved ones smile without having to travel and at a lower cost. Considered the reference in terms of transferring and receiving money, Orange Money has, to date in Burkina Faso, a network of 52,000 points of sale and nearly ten million customers.

- According to the representative of the General Manager of Orange Money, Laurent Birba, Orange Money has revolutionized money transfer services in Burkina Faso

Beyond money transfers, this product has distinguished itself through innovation. “Today, with the world in full mutation, Orange Money is working to offer innovative services that will enable Burkinabè, in the near future, to be able to save money, have remunerated deposits in their accounts thanks to partnerships. These are services that already exist with certain partners, in particular insurers, for example with SUNU insurance with which you can have paid savings. However, in the background, the whole machine is running so that we can seize market opportunities and offer new services to customers,” said the representative of the CEO of Orange Money. Beyond these innovations, Orange Money provides access to a number of services from your phone: bill payments, banking transactions, international transfer, payment of taxes, duties and salaries.

In a logic of continuous improvement, Orange Money has set itself the challenges of digitalization and the simplicity of services. “It’s having applications that make life easy for our people,” said the chairman of the board of directors, Mamadou Coulibaly. Along the same lines, it has undertaken to consolidate the achievements already made and to develop a few more services in partnership over the next ten years. The objective is to position Orange Money at the heart of all purchase transactions in our country. “That’s our vision. And we are investing for this with a robust, resilient service that is reliable,” added Mr. Coulibaly.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mamadou Coulibaly spoke about the major challenges of Orange Money for this year 2022

Present at the press conference, the authorized distributor of Orange Money, More Sawadogo, shared his experience. To listen to him, his beginnings were not easy because potential customers were reluctant to face this new product. “Money that travels by SMS, people are very careful. I remember we could go a week without registering a client. Also, the commissions were low,” he testified. In order to make their product known to the public, the managers have relied on advertising. This had an influence on the population. “Orange Money today is a source of national pride. It is a product that makes life easier for Burkinabe people. For ten years, I have been involved in the field”, informed Mr. Sawadogo.

Aïssata Laure G. Sidibé

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