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The initiative associates HOPPS Group, KEDGE Business School and Aix-Marseille University (AMU)

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Create the first center of attractiveness and excellence on a national and international level in terms of entrepreneurial leadership, in the heart of the Mediterranean basin.

Business in Marseille (BiM!) is an unprecedented initiative in favor of entrepreneurship which brings together three major players in the region: HOPPS-Groupa holding company specializing in the acquisition and development of high-potential companies, KEDGE Business School and Aix-Marseille University (AMU).

Having a major impact on economic life through the training of its future leaders is a priority for a major business schoolsays Jean-Daniel Beurnier, president of Kedge Business School. We are continuing our commitment through this initiative, which brings great opportunities for future entrepreneurs so that they can embark more quickly and more serenely on their entrepreneurial adventure..”

“Identify the levers for accelerating access to entrepreneurship”

The creation of this unique research, training and mentoring program thus promotes entrepreneurship as a way of the future and encourages all young entrepreneurs to get started. It meets the theoretical and practical needs necessary for the training of future business creators.

The research and training component is carried out jointly by KEDGE and AMU. On applied research, a joint KEDGE and AMU team is envisaged to work on two non-exhaustive axes: the reasons for the gap between the number of business creators in France and the United States leaving their studies as well as the reasons for a possible failure. It will strive to identify solutions to encourage the growth of entrepreneurship and thus contribute to the economic development of the territory.

Research around entrepreneurship and the profile of future entrepreneurs was initiated by several teacher-researchers around the question of entrepreneurial legitimacy in connection with the Cité des Savoirs et de l’Innovation d’Aix-Marseille and the “Pépite Provence” student entrepreneursunderlines Éric Berton, the president of Aix-Marseille University (AMU). We want to accelerate this in-depth research to identify both the typical profiles, but also the brakes and the levers for accelerating access to entrepreneurship..”

For its part, HOPPS Group will contribute to the mentoring aspect. “Entrepreneurial desire has never been so strong, especially among students and young professionalsthinks Frédéric Pons, co-president HOPPS Group. However, this axis of development has been underestimated for too long within the educational process. For the first time, three major public and private players are joining forces to create a diversity & inclusion program accessible to all profiles in order to offer the same chances and opportunities to all and to move from a project conversion rate of 5% to 15% minimum.”

As part of this system, the partners are thinking about training in the position of mentors and a support system for them.

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