omnisport. Why do American universities appeal to Breton students? – omnisport

Every year more and more of them try the adventure. Soccer players, swimmers, track and field athletes, tennis players, with high school diplomas in hand, they decided to study at an American university. your idea? Enforce professional lockdown for some, discover a different culture and master English for many. Above all, give yourself the opportunity … Read more

What became of them… Issa Mariko: Successor of Mariko, predecessor of Zarawana at the head of AEEM

Issa Mariko After the dissolution of the National Union of Pupils and Students of Mali (Uneem) by the regime of Moussa Traoré in 1980, there was no union defending the material and moral interests of the pupils and students of Mali for almost 10 years. Rather, it is the National Union of Youth of Mali … Read more

More ways to study in New Brunswick

May I introduce myself, my name is Anna-Belle Pitre and I am a student at the Université de Moncton. In September I will start my second year of biology studies to work in the field of environment and climate change. As you probably already know, there are severe labor shortages across New Brunswick in all … Read more

Another setback for New Brunswick students

We learned this week that the EI Connection program, which allowed college and university students to receive unemployment insurance benefits while they were in college, was going off the map. A decision secretly announced between two memos sent to the people concerned, including universities. Still, in the current context, with the entire world facing labor … Read more

Vietnam and Cambodia share a “flesh-and-blood kinship”

>>Cambodia and Vietnam unite for prosperity >> Promotion of solidarity and mutual aid between Vietnam and Cambodia >>Vietnam helps Cambodia organize eSports events Vietnamese Ambassador to Cambodia, Nguyên Huy Tang. Photo: VNA/CVN “The Vietnam-Cambodia relationship is the flesh-and-blood relationship between two neighboring countries,” Vietnamese Ambassador to Cambodia Nguyên Huy Tang told the Vietnamese News Agency … Read more

Four scholarships for students of Cégep à Joliette

Four scholarships for students of Cégep à Joliette Menu CPMT Four scholarships were awarded to Cégep à Joliette students enrolled in Farm Business Management and Technologies, Nursing and Computer Technology majors. The grants, each worth US$1,700, were awarded by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (CPMT). They were drawn at random from freshmen … Read more